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2010-09-06 10:25 am
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And again

Old post:

One of these days, I should really get an Elder Scrolls icon.  It might have to be of Sheogorath.

Anyway, I don't want to abandon this idea completely, at least not yet. Today, we're taking a look at which suits I'll be using.

Under the cut, we might use Horse Armor as a suit! )

In further entries, I plan on making one table per suit, or maybe I'll do one per number (i.e. a table of all the 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.).

Another note about the art style: I want this deck to have the same beautiful engraved "framing" you see on the loading screens; I think it's beautiful and not too distracting. The art itself I want to look like the loading screens: sepia-ish (but not too watery and faded-looking) and definitely of line-drawings... I've seen decks with computer graphics and even poorly-shooped photographs and they look awful.

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2010-09-06 10:20 am
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Oblivion Tarot project

I suppose before I start, it would make more sense to import everything I've done so far, so it's all in one place. Here goes:

This is more for myself than anything. Beneath the cut are some NERDY OBLIVION TAROT musings. I will spare you the DORKINESS on your Flist. :P Note this is a work in progress. This post HAS BEEN UPDATED as of 3/8!

Consider yourself warned. )

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2010-09-03 07:45 am


Here I am. Doo dee doo.